DJANG The Art of Life: Gallery and bookshop


DJANG was my gallery and bookshop in the Northumberland village of Bellingham, which I ran for a year and hosted several exhibitions by contemporary artists. DJANG is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning the creative energy that moves the universe and all living things in it.
DJANG exhibitions:

July-August 2010: PAUL STANGROOM: Northumberland Landscapes. See

October-November 2010: ALICE SHEVLIN: photographs from the North Tyne.

December 2010: BIzARRE BAzAAR (including Mike Bell, Maggie Cullen (, Nancy Hart, Kahn/Selesnick, Paul Martin, Alice Shevlin, Paul Stangroom et al).

March-April 2011: SHEEPFOLD: the Sheep Cottage collection including works by Thomas Donaldson, Simon Fraser, Kim Lewis, Mary Ann Rogers, Paul Stangroom and The Farm.

April 2011: Baafest photographs by Gary Coles.

May 2011: RONCADORA PRESS (artist books by Hugh Bryden) featuring Digging by ANDREW FORSTER. See

June 2011: STEPHANIE WESSON: Duality (paintings).